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Tattoo pricing factors:

Tattoo is a form of body art, where a specific design or pattern is made on the skin with the help of needles, dyes, pigments and ink into the second layer of skin known as dermis. The moment ink is deposited into the dermis a rough protective crust forms over the wound and healing starts to reveal the design of tattoo made under the new layer of skin. Tattooing is not something new for humans and being practiced by the humans beings for many centuries. Getting a tattoo might required different jurisdictions and restricted laws depending upon the country where you reside. In some countries, it is absolutely fine to get a tattoo, while in others it is banned completely and in some countries there is a certain age limit at which one is permitted to get his body modified through the tattoo. Getting a tattoo is not free and will cost you an average or higher money depends upon certain factors.

Tattoo artists usually charge in two ways:

Hourly :  Per hour price is fixed
Set price :  In this method, one specific price is set for the whole piece of design

Factors affecting the cost of a tattoo:

How much a tattoo will cost?

This is not an easy question to be answered as only your tattoo is the sole person who got an accurate answer to this question. However, we can shed some light on the several factors which vitally affect the price of a tattoo.

Reputation & skills of tattooist:

This is one of the major factors which determines the cost at which a tattoo artist will render his services to you. It is pretty understandable that the more experienced and skillful artist will ask for more bucks than a less experienced and artist with lesser skills.

Size & color:

Size of the tattoo is directly proportional to the time it consumes for completion of design, which means the bigger the size is, the longer the time it will take and you will have to pay more as compared to a smaller tattoo. In the same way, you can save your cost and pay less if the tattoo has one or a couple of colors. But you will have to pay more for full-color as it requires more professional shading.

Location & design:

In tattooing business, prices are determined mainly by demand factor, if you are living in an established urban area you would have to pay more to get the job done, similarly, if the design of tattoo is simpler and does not require much technique then you will have to pay lesser in contrary to a more complex tattoo design.

Customized design & tattoo positioning:

If you are inspired by some art or any posture and want it to be designed on your body then you need to have sufficient money in your pocket because customized and particularly chosen tattoo are more costly. Moreover, tattoo's position in another main factor because there are more sensitive and less sensitive body parts according to the tattooists. And getting inked on less sensitive organs would be adequately cheaper than more sensitive organs. Less sensitive areas are upper arms, forearms, calves, buttocks and outer thighs etc, whereas, more sensitive areas include, neck, ankles, underarms, lower back, head and the groin area.

Studio quality, hygienic standards & tattooing tools:

Imagine, if you walk into a studio for getting a tattoo inked on your body and find immense mess up and clutter inside then you can already make an impression that cleanliness and sterilization standards are not up to the mark. Studio artist needs to make sure proper regulated hygiene standards are taken care of. It is directly related to your health, so it may increase the pricing.nIn the same way, if artists purchases high quality and more advanced tools(ink, wipes, sprays, lotions, machines, needles etc) for tattooing then he will be bearing more cost which he will cover up from the pockets of his customers.

Considering all our costs, expenses and keeping high hygiene level we at have kept is very simple. We charge flat Rs 600/- per square inch. Any color and design

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