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Short History

Tattoos have existed since about 12000 BC and it comes from a Tahitian word meaning- to mark something. What started as a mark of ritualistic traditions now forms a part of aesthetics.

The history of permanent tattooing is quite interesting. Tattooing started as a form of therapeutic treatment to relieve individuals off their pain and ailments. The earliest can be traced to the Otzi the Iceman whose tattoos confirm this truth. The Egyptians are the next in line who promoted this art.

It was carried on by generations afar that to different parts of the world. Tattooing also symbolized belongingness for some clans or representing particular skills of tribesmen like that of the women in Borneo. The tribesmen used indelible ink to mark themselves which proclaim them to be a part of their tribe.

Some cultures as those of the Red Indians, wear it as an ornament. Certain Himalayan tribes also consider tattooing as aesthetic and a part of their culture.

Tattoo as art

From being shunned in the 1500's in the west to being used as symbols to mark the crimes of criminals in Japanese culture, this art has been subject to many speculations over the years. It was William Dampher; a British explorer was responsible for reintroduction of this art in the west.

Since then the popularity of tattoos over time has increased; it is fair to say so people seek self expression through tattoos and sometimes it is just a symbolic permanence of something people cherish or wish to remember. It could the name of a dog to the date of anniversary or even a portrait of a beloved.

This art took a nosedive post World War II where it was associated with diseases and delinquents; people were reluctant to get tattoos even though most tattoo shops had sterilized machines. Many tattoo artists had to shift to greener pastures where tattoo was still legal from the hub of places like Times Square.

After a gloomy time of further shunning, a person called Lyle Tuttle brought this art to the limelight. He tattooed celebrities, mostly women and with his smart use of the media, tattoo has been reestablished as an art and the artists who do them occupy the 'fine artist' category.

Modern day tattoo

Tattoos are forever. It is possible to lose a diamond, but you will never lose a permanent tattoo. True, there are methods of erasing them but the permanence of a tattoo is the reason why people opt for them. From Megan Fox to David Beckham and even Adam Levine, it is seen that they ink their beliefs and the names of their loved ones on themselves.

Everyone gets a tattoo these days from the A-listers to the common folk as well, and since it's rise in popularity after a period of being looked down upon, tattoo artists have created a unique blend of personal style and customer wants to create something phenomenal.

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