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Now that you have an awesome new tattoo, Best aftercare is very important for a good results and health.

Below aftercare is prescribed as per our personal experience. There are many studios who prescribe Vaseline, coconut oil or baby oil to apply on your permanent tattoo as tattoo aftercare. All this is not recommended. Vaseline, coconut oil or baby oil are some of the products useful for skin care not tattoo care. These should never be applied on tattoos. There are some really good products available for tattoo aftercare at our studio.

After your tattoo is done our artist will cover your tattoo with a bandage. This bandage is very important to protect your tattoo from air bon bacteria for first few hours. You should remove the bandage after 3 hours form the time of your tattoo. Before de-bandaging your tattoo you should clean your hands with some anti bacterial soap. De-bandaging should not be done with dirty hands.

Now when you have de-bandaged your tattoo, clean it with RO or mineral water (basically clean water) with soft hands. It should be cleaned only with water, no soap. Take a clean towel or paper towel and pat dry your tattoo gently. You shell not scratch you tattoo in any way for at least next 25 days. Now apply the ointment as per recommendations of your artist for next 20 days. Keep it away from water for about 20 days. Hygiene is very important during this time. Keep you tattoo away from dust and direct sunlight. We have observed that some customer keep touching their tattoo due to itching or some curiosity. This is not recommended. After 1 or 2 days you will observe some dead skin coming as tattoo starts to heal. Dead skin should never be pulled out. Doing this will damage your tattoo and might fade the tattoo. Swimming, hot bath tub, tanning bed is not recommended during this time.

if you have any questions about your new tattoo aftercare you should contact your tattoo artist, never do any experiment of your own or follow any other recommendations.

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